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Outside of the concert hall, we are passionate and dedicated teachers.  

Music doesn't have to be a subject, it can be a love, a second language. 

Being able to nurture every child's unique talent, witness their improvement and love of music grow, is one of the most rewarding things as an artist. 

Oscar Peterson Program

Dior Quartet mentors and coaches the students of the Oscar Peterson Program of the Royal Conservatory in Toronto. Our position entails weekly sectionals and playing alongside them in orchestra.

Taylor Academy

We also frequently teach junior chamber groups and coach sectionals from the senior Academy Chamber Orchestra at the Taylor Academy Program at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Guest Lectures

Jan 20, 2023 - Performance Lecture at the University of Toronto, Music Department. 

Kevin Lau, String Quartet No. 3

Monash University Schools Program

As part of the 2023 Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition, we will be participating in the Monash University Schools Program as tutors and ensemble coaches. We will also be holding masterclasses and workshops  for aspiring high-school aged musicians which is hosted by the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music and Performance at Monash University.

Private Lessons

Members of the quartet also teach privately at:

Noa - Lane School of Music

Toby - Infiniti Strings

Caleb - North Toronto Institute of Music 

Joanne - Infiniti Strings, Sistema Toronto

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