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A production by Theaturtle, Banff Centre of the Arts and Creativity (2023)

Dior Quartet is involved in the exciting creation of Kiuryaq. A charming, heartwarming, and moving show exploring the relationships of Northern communities to the Northern Lights. 

Written by: Reneltta Arluk, Rawdna Carita Eira, Alon Nashman

Directed by: Reneltta Arluk and Alon Nashman

Music by: Carmen Braden

"Reneltta Arluk and Alon Nashman have been following the threads of Indigenous stories which feature the Aurora Borealis, or KIURYAQ in Reneltta’s Inuvialuktun language. Our journey began with Theaturtle’s production of The Snow Queen, Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of a mythical North ruled by a malevolent spirit of swirling ice and snow, who disappears into the night sky to become the Northern Lights. That production led to a question: "

It was our great joy to reconnect with nature in the astounding landscapes of Montana with the Dvorak's 13h String Quartet. 

Director: James Joyce
Director of Photography: Kevin Richey

Recording Engineer: Monte Nickles, Jim Ruberto
Audio Editing: Monte Nickles, Jim Ruberto
Mix and Mastering: Monte Nickles

Production Assistant: Zachary Patten


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